вторник, 8 май 2012 г.

Viber feature-limited beta now available for Windows Phone

Viber has finally pulled the sheet off of its long awaited VOIP and messaging app for Windows Phone (and Blackberry too) today, allowing users to download and try out the service for free on their device.
One major caveat though: there is no VOIP phone calls just yet.
According to the press release, the current version only allows Viber Messaging aka "allowing users to exchange text and high-quality photo messages and share locations with other Viber users."  Have no fear though, that VOIP service for making free phone calls is on the way:  "Viber’s signature HD-quality free voice calling, will be released as soon as it meets Viber’s quality standards."

Popular voice and text chat app Viber has expanded to BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The app offers free HD voice calling and text messaging over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi in its iOS and Android incarnations and has gained over 69 million users to date. However, neither Windows Phone nor BlackBerry users will be able to make voice calls with the current beta versions of the app, which are restricted to text and photo messaging right now. Viber promises that full releases will come when they "meet Viber's quality standards." We certainly hope so — without voice chat it seems unlikely the app will topple BBM on BlackBerry, and Skype could use a competitor on Windows Phone following its underwhelming launch. You can get the Viber beta from BlackBerry App World or the Windows Phone Marketplace now.

info: theverge & wpcentral

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