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SE Xperia Neo - These apps can be removed without ill effects

AccessoryKeyDispatcher.apk --- event listener (unsure of trigger, hardware and handsfree keys work without it.)
Calculator.apk --- default calculator
CdfInfoAccessor.apk --- Software Component Descriptions
chinesetextinput.apk --- chinese keyboard
com.sonyericsson.androidapp.foursquare_ext_ts3.apk --- Timescape Foursquare Extension
com.sonyericsson.androidapp.timescapefeedsplugin.a pk --- Timescape Feeds
com.whatsapp.apk --- Whatsapp
*CoreNotificationPublisher.apk --- Lock Screen Notifications
CrashSMS.apk --- Diagnostics Tool (debug helper)
datatrafficswitch.apk --- mobile data on/off widget
DigitalClockWidget.apk --- clock widget
DownloadProviderUi.apk --- default browser downloads folder
EventStream.apk --- Timescape
EventStreamPluginCallLog.apk --- Timescape Call Log Extension
EventStreamPluginFacebook.apk --- Timescape Facebook Extension
EventStreamPluginTelephony.apk --- Timescape Telephony extension
EventStreamPluginTwitter.apk --- Timescape Twitter extension
facebook.apk --- Facebook
*FBCalendarSync.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Calendar Sync *FBMediaDiscovery.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Media Discovery *FBMusicLike.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Music Like *FBNotificationPublisher.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Facebook Notifications *FBSetupwizard.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Setup Wizard (not needed to setup or for FB Integration to work)
GenieWidget.apk --- News and Weather
Gmail.apk --- Gmail app
GoogleFeedback.apk --- Market Feedback Agent (forceclose reporting for apps installed from Market)
GooglePartnerSetup.apk --- Google Partner Setup (no longer needed after setting up Gmail)
GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk --- google quick search box
HTMLViewer.apk --- HTML viewer (view HTML files directly from file manager)
IddAgent.apk --- Anonymous Usage Stats
JapaneseIME.apk --- japanese keyboard
LearningClient.apk --- learns user typed words for default keyboard
letsgolf_A_353.apk --- Let's Golf game
LiveWallpapers.apk --- Live wallpapers pack
LivewareManager.apk --- Liveware Manager
MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk --- Live wallpaper
MediaWidget.apk --- Media shortcuts widget
MediaUploader.apk --- My Uploads for Youtube uploading (not needed if just watch Youtube)
MusicWidget.apk --- default Music player widget
*NotificationProvider.apk --- Lock Screeen Notifications Storage
officesuite.apk --- Office Suite
OmaDatasyncService.apk --- Sony Ericsson Sync
PhotoWidget.apk --- Picture Frame widget
*playnowclientarvato.apk --- Playnow Store (replaces the 2 APKs in the list directly below)
playnowappinstaller.apk --- Playnow updater
playnowclient.apk --- Playnow
POBoxSknPink.apk --- japanese keyboard skin
POBoxSknWood.apk --- japanese keyboard skin
Protips.apk --- Pro Tips widget
qcsemcservice.apk --- RIL extension for default browser
Radio.apk --- FM radio
retaildemo.apk --- retail demo
SecureClockJava.apk --- web clock service (some DRM or Secure services may use this, restore if you need it.)
SemcCrashMonitor.apk --- debugger
SemcDlna.apk --- media server
*SEMCFacebookService.apk --- Sony Ericsson Facebook Integration Service
SEMCSetupWizard.apk --- setup wizard
SemcVideoEdit.apk --- video editor
SoundRecorder.apk --- sound recorder
StatusSwitch.apk --- Status switch widget
Stk.apk --- Sim Tool Kit
Street.apk --- Google Street view
SyncWizard.apk --- Sony Ericsson Sync Account
timescapelegacywrapper.apk --- Timescape plugin
TimescapeSpline.apk --- Timescape widget spline
TimescapeWidget.apk --- Timescape widget
touchnote.apk --- Touch notes postcard
trackid.apk --- TrackID
*UnsupportedHeadsetNotification.apk --- Possibly a notification when pairing with unsupported bluetooth headsets
usersupport.apk --- Support
VisualizationWallpapers.apk --- Live wallpaper
WallpaperPicker.apk --- Sony Ericsson Wallpapers
widgetdigitalclock.apk --- clock widget
widgetonoff.apk --- widget on/off toggles
YouTube.apk --- YouTube

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